The Beauty of Indrayanti Beach

The Beauty of Indrayanti Beach

The Beauty of Indrayanti Beach
Sabtu, 26 Maret 2016
White sand stretches along the shoreline Indrayanti. The tide swung as inviting us to immerse ourselves in the edge of the beach. Birds are flying, shells are passing, and the wind guided us to enjoy the beauty of the beach Indrayanti shades.

At the beginning, the beach has a beach name Indrayanti as Pulang Syawal beach. As can be called a beach Inderayanti initially got a lot of controvertion because Indrayanti actually not the name of this beach. Indrayanti is the name of the owner of one of the cafes and restaurants on the coast. Because Indrayanti name attached on cafe and restaurant recklame in this beach community next call this beach to be the name Indrayanti Beach.

While the government itself named this beach by name Pulang Syawal or Pulsa Beach. But the beach is subsequently become better known under the name Indrayanti Beach.
Indrayanti Beach is located in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. To reach the beach Indrayanti, for those who use their own vehicles can go straight to the direction Wonosari, a few hundred meters after passing through the city Wonosari, will be easily found traffic signs indicating the direction to the right, following the signs we will arrive at the beach Indrayanti. And for those of us who ride on public transport from the city of Yogyakarta, take the bus towards Wonosari from the Bus Station. After arriving at the terminal Wonosari, continue to ride public transit towards Tepus, after that continue the journey to the beach Indrayanti using taxis.

Enjoy the beauty of the beach Indrayanti could make us not want to return home immediately. Some lodgings made with the concept of  “back to nature” in the bottom of the hill, the houses on stilts that resembles Honai (traditional house Papua) adorn the scenery. And there is also Jet ski rental that we can use. Walking around in the water when the water subsided it is very unpleasant, we could see the bottom of the beach with sea creatures awesome. But of course we must be careful not to hurt them as well as our own feet.

Climb up the hill on the east side of the beach Indrayanti will not make us regret, because when we got on top of a hill, wide scenery of the sea bordering the Indian Ocean stretching. And turned to the west, some beaches are separated by hills lined look, really scenery that makes your heart soar with joy. And as twilight approached, this hill will be the best spot to watch the sun back into the dusk.

Turkish Indrayanti although still relatively new beach in Gunung Kidul, but adequate facilities available, such as the Jet Ski, Gazebo and games that can be rented by the tourists to enjoy the panoramic beauty of the beach from the other side.
After surfing you can relax in the Gazebo located on the shore while enjoying food and drinks while enjoying the beautiful scenery off the coast.

This beach has clean white sand stretching along the coast are short of around 250 m, so it's down the beach from the corner of the west to the east corner does not take a long time.
On the west side of the entrance there are mountain rock large enough and very charming and the mountains behind the sandy white beaches are clean stretching beautiful and amazing. [Cho / NTZ
The Beauty of Indrayanti Beach
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